The Joy Of A New Baby In The Family: Why Newborn Photography?

After 40 long weeks, the moment has finally arrived! You’re able to cradle your precious newborn in your arms, delight in their little hands and toes, and embrace the first steps on the journey of parenting. Those early, wonderful days do, however, have a downside: they can be all-too-fleeting.

In between the long hours spent delighting over your bundle of joy, the sleep deprivation, and the stream of gift-bearing guests to your home, the first few months of a baby’s life flash by at lightning speed. Never is the saying “long days, short years” truer than in those initial, wonderful but exhausting weeks!

newborn photography: mum and dad kissing baby

Pause the clock with newborn photography

One of the best ways to preserve the memories of those early days is to try newborn photography. This provides the opportunity to pause the clock for just a moment and freeze the experience for posterity.

In addition to preserving a memory of those early days, it’s also worth noting that newborns change constantly. Newborn photography is a way to document all of these changes, perfectly capturing how your baby looked at the exact moment the images were taken.

newborn photography: baby details. Ear, lips,hands arm.

The benefits of a professional newborn photographer

Newborn photography is a unique art form and one that requires an experienced professional to get right. As any parent knows, babies tend to be busy little bees, moving and wriggling; it isn’t easy to find the right moment to snap a photo.

Also, a professional photographer can create a loving, relaxed environment. That puts everyone at ease, ensures the best possible images are taken and provides an experienced eye when editing those images.

A newborn photographer will take the uttermost care of your little baby while you can enjoy a nice cup of tea. Or while you relax and have a light nap.

A newborn photographer will provide you with a beautiful finished product ready to hang on your wall or a stunning custom album that you will never be tired to look at.

You should read this article on Why book a Newborn photographer on the banpas website where you can find a lot of useful information.

newborn photography: baby sleeping on paretns hands

Consider newborn photography today

I would love to stop the clock for you as I already did for many families.

In my portfolio, you can see the style of my work. My approach is pretty simple: make parents comfortable and baby as the focus of the image.

No fancy props.

No dangerous poses.

Just baby in the purest form.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’ll be happy to meet you for a coffee if you like. Or you can reach me on 07577 978246.

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