What to Wear for Your Maternity Photos

Tips and advice on what to wear during your Maternity photoshoot

This is surely the most asked question after you have booked your maternity session.

What should I wear? What should I bring?

So let me start by saying that clothing is super important and planning what you want to wear is what will make the difference between a good and a great image!

The general advice I give all my clients is

  • to wear something comfortable, that you feel great in and feel yourself
  • choose a palette of 2-3 colours that coordinate well – especially if you are with partner or children
  • plain ans simple clothing – avoid logos, text or big patterns
  • choose solid colours – I suggest neutral or pastel colours

These are basic guidelines for every type of shoot, with me at least!

Maternity image. Black and white photo of a pregnant mum wearing lace underwear.

Specifically for maternity photos, I ask to bring along different types of underwear. Ideally, you should have white, black and nude underwear. For this, I will suggest a simple plain and smooth bra that could go under any fabric or dress and not be seen. Same for underwear, we want super simple ones.

Another thing is if you plan to have photos just in your lingerie, in that case, you can go with a more sophisticated bra with lace. Again maybe have it in black and white, depending on what set up or background you will go for.

These types of photos are very intimate and are great to show off your pregnant belly. They are good when your partner is joining you and have a sweet and innocent feeling.

So what to wear for your Maternity photos?

It all depends on the style of photos you want to have but these are some good tips to start with.

Flattering dresses that will enhance your shape

Showing a flattering silhouette is very important and it’s done through the right pose and the right outfit.

I like to see tops or dresses that are tight to the body on the upper part, above your belly. They can have a belt under the breast.

Flowy and large skirts you can move freely and play with to create movement.

Maxi dresses. And long dresses (floor length) that will make you feel elegant and beautiful.

I suggest bringing more options that you actually need, then we’ll decide together what the best one for you.

pregnant couple walking in the park. Mum is wearing a white maxi dress showing off her pregnant belly

Dresses with a slit

silhouette of a pregnant woman. black and white image on a white background. Mum is wearing a floaty and see-through dress

These dresses are quite popular and look good on different body types. You can buy them online if you have a specific requirement or you can borrow them from my studio wardrobe. I have a simple white one like you see in this photo or a black one with a lace slit.

They are quite elegant and you can get a bit creative too. They are usually open at the front so you can decide to show a little bit of the belly or keep it close.

The power of fabric

When you come to my studio you are welcome to borrow some of my gowns or fabrics. A simple piece of fabric can actually go a long way and create not only some artistic images but some proper dresses too!

I have different types of fabric like chiffon, tulle, cotton, gauze . . . they all give effects and feeling but it something surely worth a try.

black and white image of maternity. Mum is wearing a floaty piece of fabric

Casual look of jumpers

If you prefer to have a more casual look jumpers and cardigans look great. You can wear them on top of your lingerie and can look sexy at the same time. Long sleeve jumpers and cardigans can be great to hide arms if you are concerned about that part of your body. Woollen jumpers and cardigans are great to add texture to the photos, and textures always look great!

The casual look of jeans

Jeans always photograph well and they can make you feel yourself if you are used to dressing casually. I would recommend wearing your normal jeans, pre-pregnancy ones if you can fit in. You don’t have to close them of course, you just leave them unbuttoned and it makes great images.

You could wear a crop top, a simple bra, an open cardigan. There are so many combinations you can do with them and will give a different feeling.

Pregnant mum wearing unbuttoned jeans and woollen cardigan open up on the belly.
photo of pregnant mum wearing black crop top and jeans

Simple and elegant with lace

You can’t go wrong with lace. This could be an option if you want to see the belly but not completely uncover it. The lace with the see-through effect will help you in that look

Semi nude look

If you feel confident in your body and are proud of showing off the beauty of your body changing and its shape nude or semi-nude images can be powerful and elegant too.

black and white image of maternity. Mum holds her arm around the naked breast
black and white image of a pregnant mum holding a white piece of fabric around her body. London maternity photographer
black and white image of a pregnant woman naked on the the floor - maternity photography

I hope I gave you some ideas and inspirations on what to wear for your maternity photos. Here is a little summary.

To show off your pregnant bellyLingerie shoot
Dresses open up in the front
Jeans and crop top or cardigan
Underwear and cardigan on top.
To look elegant and hide part of
the body you are not too comfortable with
Long sleeve dresses
Maxi dresses
Floor length dresses
Floaty dresses
Use of fabrics
Semi nudesSee-through lacey tops or dresses
Arms and hands to cover part of the body/underwear

You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and your contentedness.

You are welcome to borrow whatever you like from my studio wardrobe. If you want something specific you can shop online for maxi dresses, floaty dresses, off shoulder dresses, beach cover up, button-down dresses on Asos, Zara, H&M just to name a few.

To know more about Maternity Photography and how to book a session visit my website or fill out the form below.

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