Top Tips on What to Wear for your Family Images with your Newborn

One of the most popular questions I get asked is: What should I wear during the Newborn Session?

A newborn session is about your new baby. I document the early days of your little bundle in the most authentic and simple way: posing babies in natural poses, like they were inside the womb. Focusing on those cute details, the pouty lips, the chubby cheeks, the cute rolls on their back, the long fingers, the small toes.

My photographic style is very simple, quite minimalistic I would say. That’s why I don’t like using bowls, baskets, flowers but I rather use parents. They are and always will be the most meaningful prop in a photo.

I love including parents in a newborn session!

Parents’ hands can definitely make a difference in an image.
Hands can tell a story.
Hands show love and protection.
And that’s the first part where parents play their role. There is no need of a particular outfit here as it’s pretty much just hands 😉
Very popular images with parents’ hands are also the ones with a black background that I do at the end of every session.

Then, I include parents while the baby is laying on the bean bag. Having mum or dad or both looking at their baby, kissing and touching him is a type of image that I really love. In this case, you see a little bit more than just a hand and thinking a little bit about what to wear starts ti be essential.

Parents with baby. Think about what to wear for the better result of your photos

And finally, of course, the most loved and cherished photos are the family ones. Normally I aim to have a few with mum and baby, a few with dad and baby and the whole family. If there are already other children they will be in each set of photos (well . . . that’s the plan at least!) But with siblings, not everything goes according to plan ha ha ha

newborn photographer lodon: baby smiling in mum's arms

So What to wear then?

As a general rule . . . well, you definitely know your personal style better! So biggest tip is to stay true to your style but let me suggest you few things

  • Avoid big patterns or logos that will take the focus away from the subject and they will put a date on the image.
  • Wear something comfortable and it will show in your photos as well
  • I suggest neutral plain tones: the creams, greys, blush, light blues (if you have more than one child pick a palette with colours that will coordinate nicely). I have a board on Pinterest with some examples I pinned here and there. It’s a generic one, not specifically for newborns but have a look for some inspiration.
  • I love white so of course, my personal suggestion will always go towards a simple white top that brightens up any family photo!
  • For mums a simple loose top (plain or lacey) is great. Wear long sleeves if you want to hide your arms.
  • For dads, it can range from T-shirts or polo shirts for the most casual look to the more formal shirts. Cardigans are perfect too!
  • Girls look fab in little dresses and boys in a polo shirt. Boys look extremely cute with no shirt if they are under 2-3s

My main goal in a newborn session is to create images that you will love and will enjoy in the future.

Photos that you can look back in 10 or 20 years time without any regrets. Does it sound good?

what to wear during a newborn session: mum with her girls dressed in white
what to wear: Big sister kissing dad holding newborn boy
black and white portrait of mum and dad holding newborn baby
What to wear: white is always a goos choice. Mum holding newborn baby on a white top and bigger girl on a white dress

Need more examples? Why not check my portfolio!

And of course, if you want to discuss your newborn session I’m available to chat! The best way is to fill the form and leaving your mobile number so I can call you back as soon as I can.

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