Why Should I Have Family Photos during my Newborn Photography Session?

Newborn photography is pretty much the new thing in every mum-to-be to-do list.

As a London newborn photographer for the past 7 years, I saw this photography genre growing so much lately.

Every parent now wants to have a lovely portrait of their new baby. They realise that this time is fleeting indeed: the baby won’t be the same in just a few weeks time. Babies do change a lot and parents actually tell me all the time “oh you should have seen him/her last week, he/she is so different now”, “she is more alert now”, “her/his skin was so dry”… and so on. This is what parents will notice but babies have also a great development in those first few weeks. They start recognising parents’ voices, they will start focusing better, being more aware of their movements, starting smiling around week 6 (and it’s not just gas!)

So a lot is going on in the first months, including the sleep deprivation but that’s another story, right? 😉

But let’s go back to newborn photography! All parents love the images of their babies, well of course they do! But what I found is that not all of them want to be in the photos with them 🙁

newborn photography - baby sleeping on his back wrapped on a white material on a white blanket

Why should you be in the photos with your baby?

As a photographer standing on the other side of the camera, I know you feel uncomfortable and sometimes awkward. But don’t worry, that is my job in guiding you and telling you what to do.  As a mum, I perfectly understand your pain. You just had a baby, you are tired, you feel your body is not yours . . .  but trust me, a photo with your little one in your arms will be a priceless treasure for your baby when she/he will grow up.

Sometimes such a photo can also help mums in moments of blues . . . but most importantly it’s a photo for your child. One day they will want to see more photos of you together. See what you looked like when they were little. They will want to remember you. And they won’t care if you have some pregnancy weight, or if you looked a bit tired. They will just love their mum! And dad of course 😉

And you know the funniest thing? In the end, the photos with parents are the most loved ones, by parents!

newborn photography: portait of mum, baby and daughter on white backgroundnewborn photography: beautiful portrait of mum and baby boynewborn photography: dad kissing baby on the headnewborn photography: dad kissing baby on his foreheadnewborn photography: family portrait mum dad and baby, black backgroundnewborn photography: mum and dad holding and looking down at baby

I’m sure you will love some photos like these too, right?

Have a look at my portfolio to see more of my works. I’ll be delighted to create some beautiful memories for your family as well. If you are Instagram please follow me there as I post regularly recent work.


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