My Baby is 3 weeks old. Is it too late for Newborn Photography?

Taking photos of newborn babies is probably my favourite part of the job. I really love working with them even if it takes a lot of time, patience, a bit of crying and messy time 🙂 I hold naked babies so pee and poo on me is pretty common and part of the job description ahahaha

When you have a baby, especially for the first time, you are going through a crazy time where everything is new and you have to get used to your little one and his needs, you have to cope with little sleep, crying baby, breastfeeding issues, and still you have the house, laundry, food . . .  and sometimes you think you can’t make it! I know how you feel. I’ve been there and I know it can be a mess!

That’s why I understand how easy it can be missing the first moments of your baby’s life.

My baby is 3 weeks old, can I still have newborn photos?

Sure you can! Shouldn’t say that but really it’s never too late.

Luckily (for me) most of my clients are organised mums who get in touch during the pregnancy and we have all the time to discuss about newborn photography and sometimes about maternity photography as well. I can have those little babies with me within the first 10 days and that’s absolutely perfect. At this stage, they are still very sleepy and they are used to the womb position they’ve been in for quite a few months, so they can curl up easily resulting in nice cute images. Here below babies under 15 days old.



newborn photography: baby girl sleeping on her tummy on a white blanket
Newborn photographer London: sleeping baby in parents' hands

However, even if you book early, sometimes there can be some medical issues for mum or baby, so they need extra time in the hospital and I see the babies after 2 weeks, which is still absolutely okay.

Other times parents might realise they would love some photographs of their baby and have nice memories of their new family only when they hold them. As I said before because this is a pretty a hectic time it might take a while to arrange it for parents and babies can easily be over 3 weeks. Would I say no to parents? Of course not!

Ideally within 2 weeks is the perfect time, it’s easier to achieve better photos, but I would never deny parents such a precious moment.

I photographed newborns up to 40 days and actually babies up to 12 weeks. Yes, they were less sleepy and more sensitive to be touched but parents were in love with their photos.

When is it too late to book a newborn photography session?

This was a long answer to say try to book early, preferably when you are still pregnant and you have some time to look for a photographer that you like and is right for you. I always invite my clients for a coffee because I think it’s important to know each other and understand if we are comfortable to work together. Then when you come with your baby you are a bit more relaxed too because we connected already. You will come when baby is around 6-10 days old.

However, if you already had a baby, don’t miss the opportunity just because you read on websites that newborn photography is best within 2 weeks.

It’s “never” too late!

You can still have pretty pictures of your old-born, just talk to the photographer. Normally I like the set the expectations and explain to parents that older babies might be more alert or might not be happy on some positions but this doesn’t mean you can’t have lovely photos!

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