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Newborn photography is such a fascinating world.

It is now very popular documenting the very early days of a baby. Parents want to remember those little toes and fingers, the cute little nose, the beautiful chubby cheeks . . . and the priceless memory of holding that tiny baby and gently kissing him.

They do grow very quickly, really! And you only realise it when you are a parent 🙂

newborn photography - baby sleeping

Newborn photography is basically a trend now.

So parents want those cute images. but most of the time they don’t know how a photo session works or what they can expect. On my website, I try to cover the basics, like when to book, where I take the photos, how long the session can be, what happened next. Then I normally have a chat on the phone or, most of the time, I meet my client before the session, usually when mum is still pregnant. This way I can explain what will happen, they can ask questions if they have any doubts and I give them a beautiful little brochure with the information needed.

newborn photography brochure

In this little booklet. you can learn why you should have beautiful professional photos of your baby. You will read a bit about the experience you have when you come to me: from finding a little breakfast and knowing it will be very warm in the room to relaxing and being assured your baby will be taken care.  A few testimonials to learn what other parents experienced. The planning before, during and after the session.  And as you can see from the image above how you can display your beautiful images.

One of the best parts of my work is seeing the photos printed. I offer a range of product that I am proud of. Why would you invest in photography is then you don’t print and see them!

I love the albums, where you can go back at any time and review the story of your baby. I love seeing a wall of memories: a nursery or a living room with a big canvas or a frame! It will boost your child’s self-esteem so much while growing.

displaying your newborn photos

Newborn photography Battersea

If you want to have chat with me, please get in touch so we meet and can discuss further.
Valentina specialises in natural light maternity and newborn photography, creating natural and timeless images of your baby. She is based in Clapham Junction and serves London including Wandsworth, Clapham, Battersea, Putney, Chelsea, Balham, Wimbledon and more.




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