5 things I love the most about a Newborn Session – London Newborn Photographer

I probably mentioned “only” a few times how much I love my work as a London Newborn photographer.

I feel pretty lucky to have a job that I love. Not many people wake up in the morning excited about what they are going to do every day. I truly feel honoured when people trust my service with their little babies.

But are you curious to know what do I love the most?

  • I can cuddle lots of newborns!

Part of my job is soothing and comforting babies so they can fall asleep and I can pose and photograph them. Mums love to take a little break and have someone taking care of their baby (quite a few times I get asked if I can get home with them).  I love holding and swinging them, looking at their funny faces . . . it’s like having your newborn every day and the best part is that at the end I give it back 😉

  • Baby smiles!

Oh my days, they are so cute!! Smiles are spontaneous and often occur while the baby is drowsy or during REM stages of sleep. I can predict when they will throw a little smile from the way they breathe, so I stay there, ready to shoot.

newborn photographer London

  • I witness LOVE

When parents come to me they are surely tired but they are truly in love with their new little baby! I like to photograph baby with mum and dad and when I do that I can see that genuine sparkle in their eye. I see how they keep falling in love with that precious newborn.

newborn photographer london

  • I like the challenge

I photographed newborn as little as 4 days and also babies of 4 even 5 weeks old. Every baby is different. I met the super sleepy, the very sensitive, Mr poopy, miss smiley, the frowny one  . . . and I loved them all! Every time I learn something new and sometimes parents learn a bit more about their baby’s personality as well.

newborn photographer London

  • I help new parents.

I think I help parents in different ways:

Firstly I create long-lasting memories. Most of the time I create beautiful albums and frames so they can actually live those moments all over again. I always say that they are not doing these photos for themselves. Parents will surely enjoy those images now but it’s mainly for their children.  One day this legacy will be passed to them. That’s their history!

Secondly, I love being able to offer some advice and experiences from my own daughter (personally and professionally) that might help those new parents. After all, as they say, ” Baby don’t come with a manual”. Even though there are lots of books that teach you how to do things, you might read them during pregnancy and forget all about it when you really need it. And I know that panic feeling “what do I do now?”   I often chat with new moms about the struggles of nursing, calming techniques and more.  Every mum knows what to do, you just need to trust yourself more!


I would love to photograph you and your baby. On my website you can read more about my services and see my newborn portfolio.

I’ll be happy to have a chat with you over a coffee, so feel free to get in touch and we’ll arrange a meet up at your convenience.


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