Freeze the time! Create a memory that lasts

Every day millions of photos are uploaded and shared on social media.  Facebook is unreal and has more than 350 million photos uploaded every day on average. Instagram is getting crazy with an average of 60 million, then there is Flickr, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter. . . 

Social media are great to share moments and memories with your friends and family, especially if you are away like me and may other people! Gran can see the development of the grandchildren, friends can see where you are and what you are up to and everything is recorded there. Somewhere in the cyberspace. Some images are private, most of them are public so everyone can actually see them, so be careful with that 🙂

But most importantly they are in a space that is out of your control. It’s great to have a diary with your daily life and photos but it could be gone tomorrow! I know, that’s crazy!  Everything disappearing in a click of a finger.

You will have your photos saved in your computer or somewhere else (I hope) so you can have those memories with you again, but technology can easily fail and if that device breaks or bursts, you are really left with nothing 🙁

A part of your story will be missing! And this is pretty sad.

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One thing I always enjoy is going through old photos when I am at my parents’ house. They are always there in some big albums, in several shoe boxes and no matter if there is internet or not, electricity or not, they are there in my hands.

I said already I am guilty myself of not printing enough! I’d love to have all my photos printed but we take so many pictures nowadays that it’s impossible! I do print the images that I love and want to see often and I print albums to create stories.

Please remember to print your photos, at least the ones that are more important to you 🙂

With my job, I sell digital files too but most of the times together with a product, with a beautiful album or a wall piece so people can have them no matter what. I always tell my clients to make a duplicate of the USB I provide them because it’s not archival.

Prints, albums and frames are forever!




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