Have you ever had a Milk and Flower Bath?

A couple of weeks ago I had a maternity session and I did a bit of experiment with the milky bath.

Mum-to-be said it was pretty nice, laying in warm water full of flowers and  just relaxing 🙂

I have to say that it looked quite cool, maybe with some soft music in the background and a bit of aromatherapy can really be very relaxing and worth a go! The challenge is probably having 30-40 minutes to completely relax hahahaha

Anyway my daughter saw all the flowers I prepared and the milky water and she was very curious about that new thing. She was commenting about the colours of the flowers, her favourite, about the craziness of putting milk in the tub and she was getting excited. So I promised I would have done a bath for her as well and actually she quite enjoyed it 😉

Now she asks for more!!

Here a few photos x

child in milky water playing with pink flowers

little feet poking out of milky water

flowers and child hands on waterchild looking down child looking at the cameraleg surrunded by flowers in milky waterinside the tubholding a flower

child looking up

Photograface by Valentina | Baby Photographer Battersea




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