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London is absolutely boiling these days. I know is hard to cope with such temperatures when you have little babies and children. If you are after some tips you can read the post “How to keep your Baby cool in Summer” I wrote I while ago.

“Mum can I have a milk bath please?”

So this was my 7-year-old daughter yesterday after she got a bit bored of whatever she was doing and was after some way to cool down. As a daughter of a maternity and newborn photographer, she is obviously aware of milk baths and she was so excited to have one as well.

I did a milk bath for a maternity session a few years ago and I really liked it. Since then I had some inquiries for this type of session but unfortunately it’s not always easy to offer this to clients if not in their home.

milk bath maternity photography

“So mum, can I have a milk bath please?”

Of course I couldn’t say no to this wonderful request! There has been a little catch of course. I told her “Yes of course you can have a milk bath with flowers but I will take some photos while you are in there” “Okay then”

Deal done! I got the bathtub ready, poured the milk, cut some flowers I luckily bought a few days ago and splash! I use milk powder if you want to try with your children and you can have flowers or fruits, why not! My daughter actually wanted strawberries but I didn’t have any so to keep the momentum going I just used some flowers.

She had a lot of fun and stayed there for quite a while. I had my fun as well capturing some photos, win win hey?

girl in white milk and flowers in a bathtub
children photography, white background, girl in milk

Hope you enjoy these! Stay cool and fresh 🙂

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