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Some time ago I wrote a post about why you should have maternity photography.

It’s about why you should document this special time in your life. I listed a few reasons so there is no need to go through them again, but today I just want to add one more.

Unfortunately, I had a tough start of the week. A few of you might know I am a volunteer photographer for Remember my Baby and a couple of days ago I went to the hospital to photograph a stillborn baby.

This made me realise even more that motherhood is a real gift.

Having a baby is a miracle, the miracle of life, and we should embrace it and celebrate it.

We should not take it for granted. We should not be ashamed of what our body looks like. We are carrying a baby, a little human being is growing inside our belly. Of course, we are bigger. The body is slowly changing and preparing to get that baby as comfortable as possible. Don’t be afraid of it.

This is a sneak peek from a recent maternity session I had in the park and the autumn colours are really making the magic. Don’t you think?

Vale x

maternity photography Fulham

Photograface by Valentina | Maternity Photography Fulham

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