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I’m a maternity photographer in Battersea, SW London.

I have photographed many expecting moms and I warmly suggest women to have some memories of this time.  If it’s your first, second or third pregnancy, this time is always special and different every time. Celebrate your body!

You can read this older blog about why you should have maternity photos.

Maternity is a special moment in every women’s life.

Document this time with some nice photos is one of the best gifts you can do it to yourself, a gift you will have for a lifetime.  I just want to share a quote I recently found:

“A baby will make love stronger,
day shorter, night longer,
bankroll smaller, a home happier,
clothes shabbier, the past forgotten
and the future worth living for.”
– Pablo Picasso –

This is so true! Make sure you remember the most important milestones of this wonderful journey.

I love this image. Baby bump with the furry brother 🙂

maternity photographer battersea: expecting baby boy. Dog brother.

If you are expecting and want to document your pregnancy, send me an email and we can have a coffee and chat about ideas 🙂

Maternity Photographer Battersea

Valentina is your local maternity photographer in Battersea. She is a mum of little girl.


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