How inside the womb-like photos are taken – a peak behind the scene

I have been a newborn photographer in London for a few years now.

I’ve seen newborn photography growing and becoming part of many families. I’ve seen different trends in this industry, from the very tacky and super propped up photos to the more simple ones.

I chose a simple style. All about the baby, in simple and natural poses with minimal props. I think those will be timeless images that will last in time.

I love baby simply posed on a white blanket. Minimal, natural and pure.

London newborn photographer

I adore the images on a black background. When a baby is alone they give that inside of the womb look. With parents’ hands as a prop, they add dimension. You can really see how small the baby is. And in only a few weeks that baby won’t fit in those hands in the same way.

This type of image is quite popular during a session and parents love it. It’s simple but powerful at the same time.
When parents see how it is done, they are kind of surprised. There is the illusion that the baby is up in the air, but actually, the baby is very safe on a beanbag. Would never put a baby in a dangerous position, ever!

Let me share a before and after so you know how it’s done.

London newborn photographer - behind the scene

London newborn photographer - behind the scene

Newborn photography is best done within the first 10 days of baby’s life. Babies are tiny, sleepy and they will curl into positions they had inside your tummy.

These images will record your baby’s first days. They will be the first piece of their unique story.

I helped many families creating special memories. I would love to help you as well!

Have a look at my portfolio to see more of my work and get in touch so we can have a coffee together and go through all the things you want to know. The newborn is such a fleeting time and your baby will, unfortunately, grow quite quickly. Let me stop the time so you can live again that sweet moment all over again.

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