London Newborn Photographer – baby IyanuOluwa

I’m so lucky to be a London newborn photographer.

You meet so many different people, from various cultures and traditions, with different stories. Being part of this is simply wonderful and I am honestly grateful to all the parents who are trusting me with their little ones.

I met this African mum when she was still pregnant and you can see her beautiful pregnancy photos here.  I was immediately intrigued by her name Oluwatosin and found out that it means God is enough to worship. Such a beautiful story behind a name!

But this is a post about little baby IyanuOluwa, meaning Gods wonder. She came to the studio in SW London when she was 19 days old.  I always suggest newborn being photographed within the first 10 days of baby’s life but there are always exceptions.  And mum’s or baby’s health has always the priority!

“I decided to come to you after we met in Clapham for a cup of coffee and you took your time to explain me about your service and you showed me examples of your work. I instantly loved your warm personality. I knew I found my London newborn photographer”

 London newborn photographer
“I liked how patient you were and how you paid attention to every little detail. And you are very friendly and caring.”


What kinds of things did you worry about before the newborn session?

“I was worried that my baby would have cried for the entire time or that she would be uncomfortable or unsettled. But my experience was beautiful!  You made my daughter feel very comfortable and relaxed. The extra care you gave to her to make her settle was just amazing”

Were you nervous during the newborn session?

“No, I wasn’t because you did a fantastic job with me when you took my bump photos and so I had that assurance that you will be great with my baby as well. I felt baby was very safe.”

These are some of my favourite photos


“The whole session from the bump to newborn turned out great! I really appreciate how you took your time to make sure myself and my daughter got the best service and quality of work. Thank you”


Photograface by Valentina | London newborn photographer

If you are expecting and interested in a newborn session, please get in touch so we can have a chat about how to start your baby’s story.




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