How to Soothe your Baby: a few little tips from your Newborn Photographer

A newborn photographer is not just any photographer who takes pretty photos of your baby.  That’s why the choice of the right photographer for you and your family is so very important!

During a newborn session, a photographer will observe and get to know a little bit your baby.

I love taking care of babies. Once they are fed it’s my job to calm and comfort them leaving mum and dad a little bit of space to rest.

You are probably very familiar with the nice sleepy photos of newborns but let me tell you something. Do you think they are all sleepy?


lHow soothe newborn baby. Lttle baby boy peacefully sleeping wrapped in a soft white swaddle

Yes, that’s right! You guessed it correct!

Not all babies will sleep peacefully and for the entire time. That’s where the other skills of a newborn photographer will play along.

Once the baby is fed I always start with a wrap that will keep the baby calm and secure. In the meantime I keep swinging, shushing and gently patting. Eventually baby will fall asleep and I can start with my job.

Most of the times parents can’t believe how sleepy and content their baby is and ask me if I’m available for night shifts 😉  . . . and not I’m not available but I can give you some tips!


So how to soothe your newborn baby?

Let’s start with the right foot and make sure you give your baby all the reasons to be happy! Pretty much they need to have a full belly and be clean 🙂

Feed baby: this is not always as easy as said (especially if you are breastfeeding!). Whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed you are doing great!

Wind baby: sometimes a “little” burp is all they need. Other times helping them with a little bicycle movement can be very relieving.

Clean nappy: it depends on the baby, some will get fussy with a little wee and some are comfortable sitting on poo (except causing a rash!), anyway having a fresh nappy will make it all easier.

Body temperature: your newborn is so tiny and an extra layer than what you are wearing is what nurses suggest. I will say make sure they are never too cold or too hot! Sometimes I see babies crying in prams covered so much even on a hot day! So keep an eye 😉


There are some well known soothing techniques that you can find in the book “The Happiest Baby on the Block” and can be summarised as follow.


  • Swaddle swaddle swaddle! My first tip for you is don’t stop swaddling when you leave the hospital. There’s a reason that the nurses and midwives swaddle babies in the hospital. From birth to about four to four months, babies have a natural startle reflex that makes them feel like they are falling. Keeping them wrapped will make your baby feel like inside the womb secure and safe.
  • Stomach position. This position can make wonders! Of course, babies should sleep on their back for safety reasons, but to calm a fussy baby, the side or stomach position can do miracles! Even a crying baby will calm shortly if you hold him swaddled on his side/stomach loudly shushing near his ear. Next time give it a go!
  • Shushing/white noise. Normally people say shhhh baby is sleeping. Well, babies don’t need a silent environment to sleep well. For 9 months they were used to hear to the blood flow in the womb and that sounds like a very loud shush. Having a white noise machine or a noise app will make your life a little bit easier. When my clients leave after the session they all ask me where I bought mine 🙂
  • Rock that baby. Well, this is quite self-explanatory, babies were jiggling inside mum until now. So a slow rocking will keep your baby calm. However, if a baby is crying you will need a more fast-paced motion. Always remember to support the baby’s head!
  • Suck. That would be your last resource. Many babies won’t settle until they suck, that could be a dummy or your finger. The sucking movement will make them feel safe and will calm them instantly.

How soothe newborn baby. Little baby girl yawning. She is wearing a white soft moair hat and a matching swaddle.


I hope you can find this post useful, if so please let me know in the comments below and feel free to add your little tricks 😉


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