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Maternity is really a magical time in a woman’s life.

It’s where all begins and even if sometimes it can be hard it’s still the biggest miracle ever.  I know maternity is not always an easy journey, indeed most women feel horrible, tired, exhausted . . . my pregnancy was a bit hard towards the end as I was suffering from PGP and it made it really painful to walk. However, I remember it as a great time and sometimes I even miss the big belly.

This gorgeous mum had a wonderful and easy pregnancy, she treated herself every day with an infuse of olive leaves and she is now glowing. We went to a very special location picked by dad-to-be, a place where he grew up and where you can breathe nature and history. But I will tell you about this story when I will post this session, for now, here a little preview.

Vale x

maternity photography Battersea

Photograface by Valentina | Maternity Photography Battersea

I would love to help to document your pregnancy as well. We can have a friendly chat over a tea and discuss how you would like to be photographed. This is your decision if you want to show your belly or you would rather keep it covered. If you want to go to park or in the middle of the city or more intimate in my studio. I will help you to design your session so you can have the best memories. Send me an email or call me 07577 978246 to arrange a consultation.






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