Dance like no one is watching

Do you like dancing?

C’mon everyone does a bit of dance  🙂 From tapping the fingers on the desk while you are working or swinging your crossed leg under the table to the proper dance on the dance floor  . . .  Bwahahaha

Oooppsss let’s start again . . . I mean to the proper dance in your living room with your kids! Yeah that’s the way we like it, mums, right?  😉

But of course, we all like a bit of dancing!

Today it International Dance Day, an event to attract the attention of the wider public to the art of dancing. So let’s celebrate it with a dance!

No need to ask my girl to dance, she is always dancing like no one is watching her!

Enjoy the long weekend 😉

dancing like no one is watching

And if you want some photos of your children having fun, dancing and being themselves, feel free to get in touch and have a chat. Summer is coming and there are plenty of beautiful outdoor locations waiting just for you! Book a portrait session this summer! It will be fun, I promise!

Photography by Valentina – South West London Children & Family Photographer





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