Dads are the best during a photography session! Don’t you think?

It’s funny how most of the time dads are the ones who are dragged into a photography session. Of course, no one likes to be in front of the camera (I don’t like it either and my husband snorts like a horse when I ask him to do some photos with us 😂) . . . but we all mums want to have those sweet memories right? So they show up and do their “work”.

Actually, let me change a bit what I said before. Most mums, especially after birth, are not very keen on having photos taken, but still love having their family members in photos. Well, we have all been there, we still feel like whales and prefer to wait . . . but you know what mum? That moment will be gone in 5 or 10 kg less. Yes, it will be a lost memory! But this is another story I have to wrote another post about it.

Let’s go back to dads now. So guess what? In the end, they all love it! 😍 Yes, they do!

Baby photography is more fun with dad around!

Dads normally like to be involved in a newborn session. They like feeling involved and helping out during a newborn session for example.
In an outdoor session, they have lots of fun with the children. They play, they throw them in the air, they run together . . . most of the time they have a blast!

A few years ago a dad told me after a session “ It was one of the best experiences I had, thank you so much!” Of course, those words made my day but most importantly I know that those photos will make his day, every day ❤️

Because who wouldn’t want a photo like this with his child? Sweet and tender moments . . .

This was actually a newborn session but while little sister was eating I couldn’t resist photographing dad and son together in such a sweet time.

B&W image of dad and son- baby photography richmond
B&W image of son and dad laughing together - baby photography richmond

Baby photography Richmond – London

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