Children Photography Battersea, London – Themed photo shoot

“Laughter is timeless,

imagination has no age,

and dreams are forever”

I love this quote from Want Disney and I might have used it already a few times here and there.


The images in this blog post have been shot late in September. It was my daughter’s idea and I totally embraced it.

I’m not sure if the idea came from a story we read, from something she saw on TV or from a dream . . .  she likes stars, probably like a lot of children and she wanted some photos with them. Dancing and moving between stars.

We prepared the stars with tissue paper, so she was excited. I regret having used a visible thread but that’s what we had and the important thing was doing something together and something she liked to do!

I thought that like my daughter other children have a kind of “dream” they want to experiment, that’s why I created a little video to encourage to do this 🙂

If you want to have unique photography of your little ones get in touch so we can discuss the idea. I have a special package for this project because I want everyone can live their dreams!





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