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Here is my first post of the year!

For the Christmas holidays, I went back home in Italy. Normally at this time of the year, it is quite cold and the fields are covered by soft snow.  This time the weather has been a bit strange. I found 11 days of sun and blue sky, every day. 

I am lucky enough to come from a wonderful place over the mountains, Asiago, where there are plenty of nice opportunities for photography.   The backgrounds we have there are stunning just out of the doorstep and my neighbourhood is filled with animals 🙂

We have cows, horses, sheep, rabbits, of course, cats and dogs.  Things that in London we have to travel a bit to see or we have to visit city farms.

Who doesn’t love animals after all?

One day I went out with my daughter and my niece to take some photos. We got very lucky to have the owner of the animals close by and he was patient and let us play with his animals.  I got some nice pictures that I am looking forward to sharing soon.

For now here is my niece stroking the softest and cutest rabbit!

animal photo - child photographer London

If you are after some photos for your children get in touch and find out how I can help 🙂

Photography by Valentina | Child Photographer London

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