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Why Printed Photos are so Important?

Up to 20 years ago printing was the only way to go. I know for many children now this doesn’t make sense, but that was our reality. We never kept negatives in drawers without developing them. Actually, not sure about your family, but we were always super excited to finish a roll and get it...

What’s the Value of a Photograph?

Let me ask you this question again: What’s the value of photos for you? And I’m not talking about value from a monetary point of view. I’m talking about how you feel when you look at photos, which is much more important. I want to raise this question today because it’s world cancer day and...

Looking for a Newborn photographer in London? You will be in safe hands.

As an established newborn photographer in London, I’m constantly honing my skills and attending specialist training to ensure I deliver the very highest standard of portraits to my clients.I’m also an active member of BANPAS – the UK’s only dedicated trade association for Newborn and Baby Photographers. I have been a member for the past...

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