Celebrate your first baby’s birthday with a cake smash!

And your baby is one year already! Can you believe it?

Why don’t you celebrate this big milestone with a cake smash?

Cake smash is messy, I know, but it’s so much fun and it’s getting quite popular.

Babies are allowed to do what they want.  Playing with food, getting dirty, sinking their face in sugar 🙂

What happened during a cake smash session?

When you come in, the baby will have a mini session with normal clothes. Just a couple of nice images of your baby before the craziness starts!

cake smash

Then we will bring out the cake and let baby play with it. This is probably the very first time that your baby will eat sugar and have a whole cake in front of her. Some babies can be shy and scared and they need a little bit of encouragement, others cannot wait to dive into that cake.

At this moment we can have the most hilarious faces! Disgusted expressions or exciting smiles, it could go either way. We will capture all the little details, those smudged fingers, the crumbs in the face, those chubby dirty feet . . .

cake smash

Then we finish off with some splashes and bubbles, the favourite part of every baby 😉

cake smash

When to book a cake smash?

Cake smash should be done to celebrate your baby’s birthday, so I would suggest scheduling a session close to that date. Of course to guarantee a date around your baby’s birthday you need to book it ahead, possibly 1-2 months before. This way we will have time to organise it, talk a bit about styling and baby’s routine.

Like for my newborn photography, even the cake smash style is quite simple as you can see from the photos in this post. Once again I prefer the attention to be on the baby rather than big and distracting props.

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