Have you read “Bob & Flo, the missing bucket”? Here my little review

Yeah, it’s Friday!! And best of all it’s the beginning of a long weekend this time and I really looking forward to some relaxing time (hopefully!)

This Friday I wanted to talk about the book Bob ad Flo the missing bucket.

We discovered this book last week at Storytime Sunday at the Doodle Bar in Battersea. This is our second time to this fabulous monthly event and you can read about last month’s book here.

bob and flo - book event

Rebecca Ashdown herself read her book, which is the nice story of a penguin on her first day at nursery. She packed her lunch, got some fish in a bucket, a lovely new bow on her head, all ready for her big day! But then her bucket got missing, so she looked everywhere until she found it with another penguin called Bob and become friends. After the story everyone went outside for a bit of crafty time, to create their own Bob and Flo. Paint and brushes, pom-poms and pipe cleaners, pens and colours, everything to have some fun!

bob and flo: event to read the book and do relative activities

There was also a competition for the funniest penguin and Amy won Bob and Flo book! We’ve been reading it for the past week and she is really enjoying the story 🙂

Then, in the second hour of the morning, it was all about dinosaurs. Julia Patton read the book Fi-Rex and then out again to colour and create their own rex!

story-time-battersea(Photos were taken with iPhone)

Again very fun morning, if you have the chance try to attend the next event on the 28th of June. Book it here and enjoy it 🙂


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