Barry the Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster – Friday Review for you!

This blog mainly exists to feature my photography sessions, to give you some inspirations ( at least I hope so . . . ) and to pass some tips and tricks to photograph your children.

However, I do want to talk more about children in general, activities they can do, different aspects of childhood and start making it more personal.

So from now on, I decided to dedicate Fridays to review children’s “products”. I actually got this idea today after spending an entire afternoon reading hundreds of times a new book we got from the library. If you follow me you know I have a little girl, Amy, of 2 years and a half, right? Well, she just LOVES this book! I read it so many times now that I really like it myself and I can recommend it to any child in the pre-school kind of age.

“Barry the Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster” by Sue Hendra.

Barry the Fish with Fingers and the Scary Monster book cover

You can see from the cover the book has bright solid colours that immediately catch your eyes. And that’s probably the main reason I picked it up from the library in the first place. Barry is an unusual fish, he has a full set of fingers! That already made my little one laugh! 🙂

The story is quite nice: Barry and his friends are playing hide and seek in the ocean. Puffy finds a super cool hiding place but he finds a hairy scary monster in it! Barry comes to the rescue and with his fishy fingers, he gives the monster a haircut. That was not a scary monster, it was a friendly seahorse! They all played together and had great fun at a pirate party!

bookIBarry the Fish with Fingers and the Scary Monster - inside pageThe illustrations are great, very well done and the colours are wisely chosen.

While the fish play hide and seek there is some counting, up to 10, so it is a great way to learn some numbers for those who don’t know them but also a fun time for those who can recognize them and can read with you.

I really liked the use of onomatopoeia and the sounds in the book. After a couple of times, Amy was able to point at the words and say Boo, Peepo, Snip, Clip.

bookIIIIBarry the Fish with Fingers and the Scary Monster - barry cutting hairIt surely is a great book, passing the message that we don’t have to be scared of the “different” but actually, we can be different and have a lot of fun together!!

bookVThis was our first Barry the Fish with Finger book but I know there is a collection of 3 books!

I am sure Amy would like to explore those as well 🙂

I think I will be back soon with some more Barry adventures.

Please let me know if you liked it, so I will do some more. Any other advice is always welcome. If you like the book, you can find it on Amazon.

Happy Friday!!


amyPS. All the photos have been taken with my Iphone5


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