Document everyday life – Baking cupcake

I am starting a new personal project. One of many I have in mind!

I want to document everyday life with my daughter, activities, playtimes, moments . . . throughout photographs and videos.

There are different reasons behind it:

First of all and most important is to have a nice memory of her that stays in time and she can have when she is older. As you can imagine I have plenty of photos of my daughter (and probably every parent has them too!) but the only real photos I see all the time are the ones hanging on my walls, on the shelves and on albums. Then there are the photos on social media and because someone comment or like them, they might come back from time to time. I have CDs full of photos, photos on my laptop but I rarely sit down and watch them there, unless I am looking for something in particular. What I found I do watch more are slideshows I made with the photos or little videos.

Another reason is to do things together. Well, we always do something together to be honest, but we can record that time so she can look back at it. And she really loves looking at her own photos or videos.

I hear all the time that my photos are nice because they are prepared, they are in a nice location . . . but I do take a lot of photos at home as well like every other mum and here you can see them!

I want to practice how to shoot video with my camera. It is something I wanted to do for a while and probably found lots of excuses but I really like learning this aspect too and incorporate it in my photography.

So here is the first activity we did on Sunday morning: baking cupcakes!

Or better, my daughter made them and I document it. She saw this Hello Kitty package at the supermarket and she wanted to try it.

Everything is already prepared in the box, we just had to add water, butter and 1 egg! Pretty easy.

She had lots of fun mixing and pouring and whisking . . . then now she wants to do it more!!  But she was very good and she didn’t make any mess for being not even 3.

Maybe we discovered a new passion! 🙂

So here are some photos.

baking cupcake

baking cupcake

baking cupcake

baking cupcake

And here is the little video I put together. Looking back now I could have made it more fun and could have done it a bit differently but it’s our first one, so we’re learning for the next one!

Hope you like it and you will get inspiration to do something similar!



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