Babysitter? Yes please!!

Okay, let me arrange my thoughts and try to get this post done. And believe me it’s not the easiest thing  to do with my daughter in the background singing, making annoying noises, asking me things, talking to herself and talking loudly to her toys!

Actually right now the floor of my living room is covered by Stikeez, yes those little monster you collect shopping at Lidl, Shopkins, of course they are always around as my girl is obsessed with them and my little ponies. Basically I am better stay sit on the chair and not try to move without getting my feet hurt 🙁  I know I know it’s not as bad as stepping on Legos but still Shopkins and Ponies are quite hard too! You probably feel familiar with this picture right?

But this makes thing even worst. I am quite a kind of tidy freak and can’t really stand mess and clutter around the house as it distracts me from my work, but I know that Amy need to play and entertain herself somehow 🙂 Nursery hasn’t started yet, just few more days and then can have a neat house back, well at least until afternoon! Sorry about this looong introduction, I really let me mind flow hey?

So going back to the post topic, I wanted to talk about babysitter.

I am a member of different local mum’s groups in Facebook as probably most of you. You know moms there ask advices about everything: playgroups, doctor, photographers, places where to eat, sell things and I find a very hot questions is always about babysitters and nannies. Here I just want to share my experience.

Of course moms want to get a person they can trust and someone reliable to stay with their most precious people in the world. If you follow me you know I am Italian with a nearly 4 year daughter and don’t have much family here. I know a lot of moms in London are in my shoes and can’t have much help from family. I have to admit it took me a long time before feeling ready to have a babysitter.

Look at the image here below, I think it can sum it up pretty well 🙂


Ahhahaha funny right? But very true! For me at least!

I think in the first year my husband and me never went out alone, without Amy. In her second year I believe I can count the times in one hand and maybe not even a full hand, you know marriage anniversary, maybe birthdays or very special rare events. And those time we were out we were talking about her, wondering if she was fine and I was feeling a bit guilty to have left her. I was lucky enough to have my brother in these occasions, so I had the impression that someone familiar was there. I said before I had no family here but I actually have one person I can trust 🙂 Yay!! At least one!

When she was 2 she started nursery for a few mornings a week and then a year ago she was attending every day that gave me so much more time to work and also a bit more confidence in other people. I was very happy to go and pick her up and still having the afternoon together but I was really looking forward to my quiet  mornings to work 🙂

So the first time we had a baby sitter that was not family was actually a few months ago, for my husband birthday and my brother was joining the evening too so we had no choice! So I decided to give it a go and Amy anyway was 3, so used to nursery for a good while and old enough to tell me if anything went wrong.

We got a babysitter from Hello Mums.

I met Kate, who run the baby sitting service, thought my work and I think because I know her I have the feeling I know her baby sitters as well. A little bit like when you ask in those Facebook groups if anyone can recommend a good babysitter, right? She recommend me Elisabetta, a nice Italian girl with clear experience and references.  She came earlier than agreed and she bond straight away with Amy who took her in her bedroom to show all her toys. We stayed for a bit to see Amy’s reaction but she was super fine and when we said bye she happily scream “bye byeeeee”

Elisabetta sent me a text once Amy was asleep and despite I was a bit nervous at the beginning I really enjoyed the evening out with friends. She also stay longer than agreed. Well I said before we rarely go out so I kinda forgot that if you go out in the city for dinner, especially with other people, is very unlikely you are back by 11pm!

The next morning I asked Amy what she did and if she had fun and she replied she wanted to stay with Elisabetta again 🙂 I think we found another person to add to that short list after all! If you ask me now do you need/want a babysitter? I say “Yes please!”

Mum and dad (mum especially) need a break and deserve some time together to have a bit of fun.

And I am sure when we will have another child I will get a babysitter earlier then 3 years!!

Have a nice weekend!

Vale x


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