3 Activities for Children during the Autumn Lockdown

Here we are again. Autumn Lockdown 2.0!

This pandemic has affected a lot of things in our life, mentally especially. I know we are all worried about this situation but in a way we’re also reacting and learning how to coexist with it.

Now more than ever we have to take more care of ourselves, to protect us physically and emotionally. In the past few months, I’ve learnt to do this through a good diet and through exercise. So one of the thing that is now in my mind is how can I keep my daughter active despite spending more time indoors. Sports activities are temporarily suspended, playdates are not allowed and meeting up with friends is also very restricted. We find ourselves inside more often and yes, with a long winter coming up there won’t be much difference.

So what activities can we do in this autumn lockdown?

I try to take my daughter out for walks with our dog after school, but sometimes she is tired and it gets dark quite early now, so we don’t have much time anyway. Online videos are not always that great for active kids, yes, she loves JustDance and that’s fun and entertaining but looking around I also found the Nike PLAYlist.

Have a look and I’m sure you will be impressed as well about the variety of activities you can do. It’s made for kids and designed to teach them the power of expressing themselves through movement. So there is play while exercising! For example, in this video some simple yoga positions are transformed into a game of Rock Paper Scissors? Totally genius. My daughter loves rock paper scissor game, we play quite a lot when we don’t know what to do in the car or while we’re waiting . . . and this takes it to a whole other level!

The videos are quite short as well, so you get your inspiration and then you are ready to give it a go without spending too much time in front of the screen. Great, right?

Need more inspirations?

Other 3 ideas every child will love!

1. Conker picking and leaves throwing

My daughter is 9 and she is still obsessed with conkers. Every time we come back from a park her pockets are full of them! Then, Luna, the dog, will enjoy herself stealing them from her and munching them! What a duo! Anyway, at this time of the year, they are in every park and you could use them for little art projects as well! And while you are out in the park what’s better than jumping in piles of colourful leaves, then picking up a bunch and throwing them in the air! It’s good fun for any age.

sisters in a park throwing autumn leaves

2. Nature scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunts are the best at any time of the year! I suggested a photography scavenger hunt a few months ago in this blog post. But in autumn there are so many different things you can collect: conkers, leaves of different shapes and colours, acorns and pinecones. Also, animals spotting, squirrels, ducks, birds and little insects are to be found everywhere! And while they are running and bending and standing up again they also exercise and move their body and keep their mind in a healthy place.

boy with autumn leaves in his hands

3. Indoor obstacle course for the rainy days

This is my daughter’s favourite! Jumping from the armchair to the sofa and the coffee table imagining the floor is lava or there are crocodiles or sharks on the floor! This can be made as easy or difficult according to the child’s age and it’s fun guaranteed.

Have Fun!

Photos in the post are from Photography by Valentina


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