5 months old baby – Baby Photography Clapham & Battersea

The first year of a baby is an amazing journey. They go from helpless newborn to nearly running toddlers in just 12 months where every month is full of small new achievements and a lot of excitement.

Every child is different of course and develops at his own pace, so don’t worry too much if they are not on target. They might be focusing on one skill and perfecting it before getting on.

I really love photographing newborn babies, they are so cute and adorable and they are only that small for a very short period of time. But if you missed capturing that extraordinary time you have still time to get nice images of your baby. Maybe you won’t get a cute baby posed while sleeping but you can have a cute baby looking at you with a cheeky smile. Or a cute baby grabbing his feet.

The baby below is 5 months old. At this age, babies know who they are and they show some of their personality already. They mastered their smile and they start to roll over, to laugh and babble. It’s actually a nice age where you can really interact with them. I still got a recording on my phone when my daughter started making ‘baba’ and ‘gaga’ sounds and it’s so cute 🙂

Capturing the moments of today that will wow your hearts tomorrow.

baby-photographer-clapham-battersea-londonbaby-photography-clapham-battersea-londonbaby-photography-photographer-claphambaby_photography-battersea-clapham5 months old baby - Baby Photography Clapham & Battersea5 months old baby - baby detail5 months old baby - Baby Photography Clapham & Battersea




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